Dec 30, 2007

writing tip: small talk gives you ideas

I'm an introvert, which means I get my energy from being alone. Making small talk at parties or at the mall is draining; I'd rather be at home reading or writing. Yet, I'm learning that the more people I talk to, the more writing ideas I have! Even just talking about the weather or someone's aches and pains gives me writing ideas.
Writing Tip: If you're an introverted writer who'd rather be at home, consider talking to people as part of your writing job. If you write nonfiction, you'll learn about people, current events, and interesting life events (if you know how to make effective small talk). If you write fiction, you may come up with writing inspirations such as plot twists, characterization ideas, or even ideas for new novels simply by making small talk at a party or in line at the grocery store.

If you're writer hungry for new ideas and an introvert who finds people draining, here's a few ideas that will make small talk easier for you.

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